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About Disc Golf

About Disc Golf

What is Disc Golf?

What kind of sport is Disc Golf?
Even if you have never heard of Disc Golf before, let’s take the opportunity and play now!

Summary of Disc Golf

What is Disc Golf?

“Disc Golf” is a flying disc sport in which players throw a plastic flying disc at a target. It’s played using rules similar to traditional golf. Disc Golf is typically played on a course with 9 or 18 holes. The first Disc Golf course started in Pasadena, California in the early 1970s.
Now, there are over 8000 Disc Golf courses around the world.
Ever since 2012, The Sakai City Seaside Nature Park has been holding a National Competition sponsored by the Japan Disc Golf Association. Every year, many top players participate.

Attractions of Disc Golf?
Disc Golf can be enjoyed by All!
Children to seniors, amateurs to professionals, Disc Golf can be enjoyed & played together by all. Depending upon the course, Disc Golf is also enjoyed by the blind and disabled.
Rules are easy!
Just like regular golf, players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee area, towards a target, throwing again from where the previous throw landed. The hole is completed when the disc lands within the target. In Disc Golf, players navigate the course using specially designed disc golf discs. The player with the lowest number of throws after the round is the winner.
You can easily experience nature.
The best Disc Golf courses are designed in a nature setting with trees, water and natural geographical features. The beauty of playing in nature is one of the most powerful joys of the game.
Disc Golf and nature are natural friends which can be easily experienced by friends and family.

Equipment used for Disc Golf

Flying Discs (Discs)

In “Disc Golf,” you throw a specially designed flying disc made of plastic. There are various types of discs, and flight performance varies depending on the shape, such as those that are strong against headwinds, those that easily curve to the right or left, or discs that fly straight and true. By taking advantage of these differences in flight performance, you can play using different discs that correspond to your play-style or the given situation.
These type of discs include puttes, midrange, or distance drives, just like clubs for traditional golf. For example, thinner discs (driver, mid-range) have less air resistance than thicker discs (putter), which allows for longer flight times.
A putter flies very straight over a short distance, so this is suitable for aiming at a disc-catcher from a close distance.
Players also commonly use “Mini Discs” that are helpful when marking out exactly where your throw lands.

Flying Discs

Discs for Disc Golf Sports with different materials, color and form
Smaller ones at the lower layer are marker discs.

Long distance disc

Short distance disc

Goal (target)

There are various types of targets (disc-catchers) which can range from permanent outdoor installation which are fixed on a course, to simple targets that can be moved anywhere.

Types of goals (targets)

Permanent installation type

Portable type

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