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Sightseeing Information

Sightseeing Information

What is Sakai City like?
Full introduction of scenic spots and dining spots!

Overview of recommended sightseeing areas and restaurants surrounding Tournament venue.

Enjoy dining

Overview of restaurant information. A wide variety from reasonable B-class gourmet to authentic Japanese cuisine!

Midi Tomato

A fruit tomato has a sweetness of 3-4 degree higher than the ordinary tomato.

Wakasa Beef

High-grade soft and richly-flavored beef, with finely-textured meat fiber and tight marbling


Koshihikari, a variety of rice nowadays synonymous with good flavor, and the most widely cultivated nationwide, has its origin Fukui Prefecture.

Local sake

A local specialty that strictly uses local materials and which is fermented making use of long experience, with a sweet aroma and clear taste.

Fried tofu

They consume more fried tofu in Fukui Prefecture than anywhere else in Japan. Fried tofu produced in Sakai City boasts unchanged popularity among these.

Soba (buckwheat) noodles

Sakai City is the largest production center of buckwheat inside Fukui Prefecture. We recommend Echizen Oroshi soba, which is an aromatically-flavored soba buckwheat noodle, with grated daikon radish.

Dried seaweed

Wakame seaweed harvested by female divers and dried in the salty sea breeze and open sun, sheet type and powder type.

Pickled scallion

Scallions in grown Mikuni for a total of three years are small and tight in texture, and eaten in a variety of ways of pickles, including with sweetened vinegar, with red pepper, or in wine, etc.

Sake-flavored manju

A local specialty sweet of Mikuni, the port of call for Kitamaebune boats, made with a harmony of delicate sweet bean paste with sake-flavored sweetness and a sour crust.

Enjoy the City

Summary of recommended local sightseeing information


An island floating offshore of Tojinbo, reachable using a red lacquer-painted bridge, with Ominato Shrine in the back.
You can enjoy mysterious scenic views and natural bounty.


An excellent scenic spot designated by government, known for its views of cliffs with the wild waves of the Sea of Japan.
Dynamic stone faces cover approx. 1 km. and offer spectacular views in all seasons.

Mikuni Minatomachi

Mikuni a port town that flourished with Kitamaebune Trading from the Edo period to the early Meiji period. You can still sense the history and bustle of old times in the old townscape, such as townhouses with latticed doors and merchant houses that give the impression of wealthy merchants.

Mikuni Shrine

Mikuni Shrine enshrines Oyama Kuinokami and Keitai Okimi (Emperor).
In its quiet precincts zelkova and other large trees grow profusely, and within the shrine are enshrined swords, written oaths, and a wooden full-scale multi-colored sacred horse which are designated cultural properties by the prefecture.

Maruoka Castle

This is a castle built on the hills on the plain, which has a castle tower in the oldest architectural style among the existing castle towers.
You can see the beautiful castle floating in the trees around it.

Echizen Takeningyo no Sato (bamboo dolls village)

Superior bamboo-craft dolls and crafts using madake or mosodake bamboo with exhibits on the themes of local manners and customs, or noh, kyogen or kabuki, and the like.

Rural scenes

Various agricultural products are grown in the vast countryside of Sakai City, and it boasts some of the largest yields in the prefecture for rice and soba. In addition, from the beautiful scenery in these rural areas, you can get a sense of the changing four seasons.

Sakai City sightseeing guide site here

You can get specialty products of Sakai city !

During the Tournament period, we are holding a product exhibition that sells various special products from the host location, Fukui Prefecture and Sakai City!
Not only those who participate in the event, but their families and accompanying people can purchase as well.
A wide selection of food, souvenirs, sweets, sake, or sushi from the local Sakai City will be arrayed.
We hope many people will visit the dedicated booths in the venue!

Summary of Specialty Products Exhibition

Detail of event
in preparation
Date of event
May 18 (Wed) and 19 (Thu), 8:30 AM -3:00 PM
Lobby of venues for the Tournament
Professional players and their families
We sell souvenirs from Sakai City, and local sweets, sake or sushi that is favored by locals.

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