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Enjoy the Tournament

Enjoy the Tournament

About the host Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture

Sakai City of Fukui Prefecture, where Japan Open Disc Golf Tournament this occasion is held, is located in the very center of Japan, a beautiful city with lots of scenic areas facing sea.
It is also blessed with abundant seafood, resulting in a richly varied food culture. We hope you take this opportunity to enjoy Fukui Prefecture!

How to enjoy the Tournament

We have prepared a wide variety of Optional Tours and official hotels, etc. with good value for this Tournament.
Check out the information as you like and enjoy the Tournament as much as possible!

Timetable for loop bus

Jam packed with Deliciousness and Fun!
(Special events in the venue.)

During the tournament period, local food, Japanese sweets, local sake, etc. will be freely offered at various places in the tournament venue.
In addition, we will also hold hands-on events such as wearing armor and the traditional yukata Japanese attire, playing Japanese drums, mochi-making, and soba (buckwheat noodle) making. We hope all participants and companions will enjoy these!
At the start of the Tournament on May 18, the “Samurai Gun Battery” wearing armor will fire a number of guns to echo in the sky as a signal to start! (Free entry fee)

Summary of the event

Date of event
May 16th (Mon) to 20th (Fri), 2022 10:00 AM -4:00 PM
Lobby, rooftop, etc. of Tournament Venue
Participants of World Masters Games and accompanying travelers (No capacity)


[Free offer]

Nagashi somen (fine white noodles served flowing in a small flume)
Japanese sweet, local sake, changing every day
“Gonbojiru” local traditional food
“Soba noodle with grated daikon radish” from Maruoka

[Experience events]

Wearing full costume of Sengoku warlord/experience of fair stalls wearing Yukata clothing
Mochi making
Soba noodle making

You can get specialty products of Sakai city !

During the Tournament period, we are holding a product exhibition that sells various special products from the host location,
Fukui Prefecture and Sakai City!
Not only those who participate in the event, but their families and accompanying people can purchase as well.
A wide selection of food, souvenirs, sweets, sake, or sushi from the local Sakai City will be arrayed.
We hope many people will visit the dedicated booths in the venue!

Summary of Specialty Products Exhibition

Date of event
May 16th (Mon) to 17th (Tue) , 2022 , 9:00 AM -4:00 PM
Lobby of venues for the Tournament
Professional players and their families
We sell souvenirs from Sakai City, and local sweets, sake or sushi that is favored by locals.

Participate in the Tournament

Entry Start

After November 2021


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